Our Exotics

Every year we are asked, "Can we grow exotics in Canada?" Our answer is always "Yes!" We choose hardy plants from California that love our Okanagan summer climate. We have many varieties to choose from with heights ranging from 1 foot to 12 feet (and taller for special orders).

Whether it be fruit bearing citruses, radiant grasses, tropical palms or beautiful bougainvilleas, we will provide you with all the services you will need to get started. 

Don't forget we will take your plants and keep it over the winter for you. Our specialists make sure your purchase is well looked after, fertilized, pollinated or re-potted in our special climate controlled greenhouses here in Kelowna BC. 





Vibrant Topicals

Shade Loving Tropicals

Edible Collection

And Much More

Over-Wintering: For customers who have bought an exotic plants from us... OR somewhere else, it will need extra care to remain healthy over the winter. By bringing your exotics back to our greenhouses for the winter, we ensure that your plants have a long, healthy life.