Ornamental grasses come in a wide variety of colours from vibrant to subtle. They have graceful shapes and measure from low shrub size to towering blooming stalks. Whether in containers or planted in-ground, these perennials are low maintenance and add wonderful accents to any landscape design.
For any "frost tender plants", we will plant these grasses in containers. Then use our "over-wintering" service where we deliver them to you in the spring and return them to our climate controlled greenhouses in the fall. 


Of all the ornamental grasses, Purple Fountain is probably one of the most popular. With purple or burgundy leaves and it's soft, fuzzy-like blooms, this grass adds a graceful touch to any landscape. Try grouping a few plants together for a dramatic effect.

Let us over-winter this tender perennial in our climate controlled greenhouses for you allowing you to enjoy them year after year. (special order)



Create a stunning vertical with feathery stalks that emerge reddish-brown in fall. Karl Foerster provides a wonderful contrast among low shrubs and perennials. Swaying in the wind, it's blooms add spectacular effects to any front garden or poolside deck.

Hardy enough to survive in containers or planted in normal clay soil, it is a very versatile plant. Simply trim to the ground in March and watch it grow to it's full glory for your enjoyment. (Special Order)

(New Zealand Flax)


This broadleaf ornamental grass has striking foliage in dark green, yellow-green, red, rust or variegations. Choose your favourite or coordinate colours with your existing perennial blooms and shrubs.

Trendy garden designers love it's bold hues and form, to jazz up dull beds and borders. They look equally nice in patio containers. Phormium adapts well to large range of growing conditions which makes this a very versatile grass.