No need to worry about your palm, citrus or other exotics when winter rolls around. When you join California Classic's Overwintering Program, we give your plant the care and love it needs all winter long in our climate controlled greenhouses. In the spring, we'll bring it back! Easy.




This Is How It Works!

We will call you in October to arrange for pick-up of your plants. In spring, we will call you again to let you know when we will be delivering in your area to drop off your exotic.


When you join California Classic's Overwintering Program, and you've purchased your plant from us, we guarantee your tropical for as long as you own the plant. When in your care, let us know right away if you see a problem and we will have one of our experienced staff come to your location to assess your plant. We will advise on how to keep it healthy and happy. Contact us today!




Hello Snowbirds!  Are you going south for the winter? If so, let us take care of your tropical trees and plants. We will give them all the extra care they need and return them healthy to you when you come home. Ask us about "Over-Wintering!"

For details and pricing please visit our retail location or give us a call at

(250) 762-0434