Shade Loving Tropicals


Alocasia and Colocasia are a family of shade loving plants.  Both species have very large heart or spade shaped leaves and both are called "elephant's ears." They can be used as indoor house plants, landscape specimens or mix them up to make a stunning container for your patio or front entrance to your home.  Also these ornamental tropical plants can be used as water plants for your ponds and make a welcome addition to any water feature at you residence.

Colocasia or Taro is the oldest cultivated crop in the world and can reach an average four feet tall. They grow large quickly so make sure to leave room in your garden!

Use our over-wintering service and they will thrive in a warm humid environment needed to keep them as lush as the day you purchased them. Come spring time we will return them to you so that you can once again enjoy this tropical look for your home. 

Black Beauty

Black Beauty has dark purple leaves that grow 2 feet long and 1 foot wide. Their stems are green and the leaves have green veins. This plant will grow 3 to 4 feet tall. (special order)

Borneo Giant

This is the largest Alocasia we know of and it is hardy in cold weather. Borneo Giant has the ability of growing 6 to 8 feet just in the first year.  A mature plant can grow as high as 12 feet tall with leaves as wide as 5 feet. (special order)